Myles Sanko

Memories Of Love

Myles Sanko is very pleased to unveil his forthcoming new album “Memories of Love”. Released on Friday 12th March 2021 and is now available to order in limited gatefold edition Vinyl, deluxe edition CD and digital versions.

“This album is my most personal album yet, each song is a memory of love, a story of love, good or bad, happy or sad. Love is not always as we picture it in fairy tales but a work in progress for as long as we choose to love. Over the years I have written love songs and most of them have some reality in them but also a lot of fiction. Maybe this was because I wasn’t truly ready to share that part of me in a way that I am definitely more comfortable doing now. I’d say becoming a father has changed my outlook and made me a little more brave and accepting of myself”.

“Memories Of Love” is an album full of dedication. The soul poetry of Myles Sanko allows you to find a home in it which Myles hopes creates space for a healing effect. His journey took him to many stages, places and homes. With this album, it is certainly the most interesting and intriguing stop of this journey yet.

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